Reduce unconscious bias by starting the recruiting process based on an Athlete Traits Assessment. Consider who the player and person really is and not how they appear. All athletes with the potential to be successful are considered equally. 

In addition to making recruitment more efficient, the AthleteTraits assessment can reduce athlete turnover by increasing understanding of what motivates their players. Athlete’s improved understanding of their traits can help them perform better and provide a sense of place.

Why Should Your Athletes Get An Assessment?

Improved student athlete
experience and mental wellness.

Improved team performance
now, and in the future.

Set a baseline for data
collection on ‘good fit’ athletic
traits for your program.


Group Pricing

Custom pricing can include volume discounts for larger groups or departments via coupon code, including additional data analysis and group workshops. Trailing fees can be integrated.


Subsite And Data Management

Assessments for your top athletes and development of a custom subsite to manage your unique athlete data to track trends. After analyzing your program's test results, at a small surcharge we can provide your department or team with a one hour results interpretation course. Our live group training will facilitate better understanding of how this assessment will be best implemented by your athletes.

Research has found understanding and applying your strengths can help:

Boost Confidence

Increase Happiness

Strengthen Relationships

Manage Problems

Reduce Stress

Accomplish Goals

Build Meaning and Purpose

Improve Performance

Athletic Directors Package

The Athletic Traits Assessments make it easier to coach athletes and align with their needs, allowing you to adjust roles and responsibilities so athletes can play to their natural strengths.