Athlete Traits helps athletes, coaches, athletic directors and parents to better understand and develop traits that drive success in sport and in life.


What Are Athlete Behavioral Traits Assessments?

Athlete Traits measures behavioral analytics to improve the development of an athlete, a team or an athletic program.

Athlete Traits uses Smart Tech - measures 25 distinctive traits...aspects of attitudes, personality, character and standards of performance. 

Athlete Traits uses cutting-edge behavioral scientifically validated algorithms and scoring to assess every player’s TeamFit and determine whether their traits and attitudes are suited to your team.

Why Get An Assessment?

Learn how you thrive
in competitive environments.
What lights you up
and what shuts you down.

Discover your Superpowers,
what separates you
from those around you.

Gain confidence and
strengthen relationships by knowing
what motivates you, and sharing
this with your coaches.

Your Success

Harness your understanding of your character traits and motivations

You’re putting in the work on the physical side - working to get faster, quicker, and stronger. You’re already training and working on skills, strategy and tactics. Athlete Traits will help you understand what’s going on in your head to round out your performance.

Level up and purchase a private session with a sport psychologist who will walk you through your results.
Knowing how they are unique to you can increase confidence, problem solving skills, reduce stress and push you towards your goals.

How It Works

1. Buy An Assessment

Once you check out, you will receive an email with a private link to begin your assessment.

2. Complete It Remotely

Set aside 20 minutes to take the assessment.

3. Follow-Up

After our system processes your responses, you will receive a pdf detailing your results.

"I wish I had taken the AthleteTraits Assessment in my rookie year so I could have improved my athletic performance and be a more aware person."

- USport Varsity Athlete, Academic All Canadian

“After taking AthleteTraits I was very surprised with the results, but it helped further my understanding of the type of player I am.
It has made me a better athlete and teammate, on and off the field.”

- USport All Canadian Rookie